November 9, 2010

Would You Like to Have a Ball?

It seems as though you are waiting for a personal invitation to the greatest party on Earth, where all the answers you've been looking for dance about unmasked. But the party has been going on for ages, and that invitation you are waiting for already came through your door. It came to you in the form of your birth. And yet, the funny thing is, it keeps coming as well. Because whoever sent it knows you didn’t GET IT the first time. It is like a check you haven’t cashed from the most patient, understanding and generous people on earth. They really want you to cash it for a ton of change. They really want you to have all it has to offer. They want you to take that change, take the invitation and join the masquerade in which all the masks are carefully painted and see-through. In which all the dances are spontaneous and free, yet seem perfectly choreographed. And yet you continue to wait for something you have an abundance of lying all over the floor, as though you were sitting on your hands, covering your eyes and plugging your ears all at the same time. While asking over and over: "What am I to do?"

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