November 18, 2010

My Word I : Rock of Gibraltar

I really don’t have any desire to play games with people. And more often than not, I Won’t! EVEN IF you try to start one with me. This isn’t because I can’t, I Have Been SCHOOLED! I can play games like your grandma plays monopoly, only my teeth aren’t false and my bite takes more than finger tips! As it should when people try to play me.

Nowadays though, I would just rather rely on open communication and forthwith honesty to guide me through the seas of relationships and life. The only card I'd like to play is the card of Understanding.

For me and how I live—the choices I make—you might not always like it, but I promise you there is good reason for everything I do and say these days. By good reason I mean NOT Selfish, bullshit reasons. Good reason. BIG reasons. Reasons I CAN explain clearly to anyone who is willing to listen or has patience to see the circle of cause and effect close on its own. You may not want to understand my reasons and see both sides of the issue (aka The Whole Story), but that is up to you. I have even less desire to argue with you than I do to play some lame game. To each his or her own. You are free to do whatever you see fit, as am I.

I’m not saying all I do is perfect, I’m just saying I am NOT Reckless! Not at all. I am far from careless. I am now so centered on my principles and beliefs that define the human being I desire To Be that almost nothing I do steps off that rock of my Gibraltar. Nevertheless, while I firmly believe what I do or say will have good cause behind it invariably, I am not saying HOW I do or say these things will always be the best way possible. I am human, I will make mistakes in that department for sure as life throws beautiful challenges in front of me. But here’s what I will do. IF Upon reflection I see that I could’ve/should’ve handled that moment or situation better, I will do something no one seems to do: I WILL Admit it. Up front. Without fail. You will see.

This is My Word.


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