November 7, 2010

A Few Foul Words on my NEW Blog

I am about to rock your fucking world.

No joke :). Be prepared to think. Be prepared to FEEL. Be prepared to write something too. You might wanna dust off your ENTER key because you probably haven’t used it in a while since everything you write these days is no more one or two lines! ;-P

This is a challenge! To anyone reading this! Show me there’s more to you on the internet than one liners and telling us what your status quo is. Fuck the status. To hell with the quo. Let’s TALK. Let’s talk as though it were another word for COMMUNICATE and not just another word for Noise.

And no, we don’t have to talk IN FRONT of everybody you or I know! Step over here, it’s not an office, it’s more like a gaping hole in the side of 40 storey building. The view is wondrous, a steady stream of inspiration is on the wind. Yeah there might be some hot air every now and then, but the vertigo will always keep you on your toes! And I promise you, most the people you barely know are too scared of such HEIGHTS to partake. Basically they aren't cool enough or literate enough to come over and see what we’re all talking about. For real! I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE! These days if you write ANYTHING longer than their two minute attention span….they will either Cry or forget that they even started reading it as soon as the next distraction pops up on the screen! It's like an all natural firewall! :)

In other words, if you have the mind to read then your thoughts are safe with me. You will be respected for your honesty and openness, I will ensure that. So, if you click like on a post that made you laugh that just happens to be about masturbation, I won’t tell, promise. ;)

I know you got time. I know you got time. Unless you’re married with kids, you are NOT so socially engaged that you don’t spend a couple hours on the internet or in front of the tv every week, sorta somewhat mindlessly. I’m not askin for an hour, I’m just askin for 15 or twenty minutes. 20 minutes to support a reasonably entertaining poet! That’s enough to READ somethin ENGAGING and new! Choose somethin better. Do somethin more meaningful with a little bit of your time. Let’s get to know each other. And if we already know each other, let’s pick up where we last left off! Cuz there is No End to that process until we’re dead.

Til then, Let’s get to know OURSELVES. Writing—any kind of self-expression is as much a process of self-discovery as it is process of creation. I guarantee if you get on this boat with me (again!), and start bouncin off of me, you will ask yourself questions, you will laugh, you will think new thoughts and you will learn things. NOT Just About ME. Fuck ME! Who the fuck am I? You will learn about life and yourselves. I promise this. I don’t know if you understand why I can promise this with such certainty….but I can.

I’m fucking BACK and it feels amazing! I have a mental erection the likes of the Washington Monument! I don’t know where it came from, but….I know where it came from. And it’s here and I’m jumping on it like a bull on parade! It’s been weeks now and it hasn’t even come close to going away. Much to the chagrin of the rest of my life. Fuck it, this is what I’m here to do. This is the single most important calling unto my being: to put words together that make sense to me so that you might see more sense in your self. Try not to hold that ambition against me, because, frankly, I won’t let you.

About the Cursing. I’m sorry. I can’t censor myself. I need the language. I need every frickin word that is at my disposal. I do think of you, my Mormon friends, my Christian friends and so on. If those words bother you that much that you can’t partake, then I’m sorry. I do understand and it does make me sad, but I can’t change that. (FOR NOW! I have a solution of sorts in the future though, be patient, you will see!) Sometimes there will be a lot, sometimes there will be none, often there will be a little. And I can’t put a disclaimer at the beginning of every piece cuz that would just be…you’re smart enough, you get it. So you may have to make a choice—all or nothin? :-\—before treading in these splendidly poopy waters. The choice is yours, I would just ask you not to carve that choice in stone because you may be given a good reason to change your mind. For the better that is, I hope.

Jump on board folks. I strongly suggest it. CONSUME MORE ART. Please. And yes, if you know me, why not take mine as an Appetizer! It is surely good enough for that! And I’m not selling you anything! Consider me the high quality breadsticks and tangy tossed salad served up as soon as you sit down! I’m giving my art away for free, and it would be a dream come true to see each piece find its way into one person’s heart at least. One person is ENOUGH for me.

If this seems like a bandwagon, then it is a BIG ASS BANDwagon featuring Apocalyptica, Smashing Pumpkins, Flight of the Concords and Kid Cudi playing every song they’ve ever written! B-sides too. If that doesn’t sound like coolest bandwagon EVER then….why the fuck are you still reading this??! Really! I hear there’s a Grey’s Anatomy marathon on and some gay guy is about to kiss a girl. "Oooooooh!" It’s going to be RIVETING. Practically Shakespearean I’m told. I know I can’t imagine ANYTHING better. You should go watch it. And get away from me! :-P


Love you guys! Let me know what you think when you hear somethin worth speakin up about.


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