November 22, 2010

First Time Experiences: Version 2.1


All right. Ima try and keep this preface as short as possible. This post is about what the title says. Lately I've been having a LOT of first time experiences. And the lot of them, from big to small, are pretty bad ass in my book. Certainly worth recording for my own benefit. Whether or not they are worth reading about for you is a Who-Knows for me.

It won't just be about first time experiences though, that qualifying line will blur in the name of experiences I had for The-First-Time-in-AGES as well. So there will be a few of those mixed in and I'll describe them as such. To me, those experiences are JUST as important as the Cherry poppin kind cuz....we pretty much forget the sweetness of everything, even our own bing cherries. It's good to get a mouthful, headful, eyeful or heartful of recollection these days, along with the new wave of first-hand experience. Good shit right there. So says me.

I've titled it Version 2.0 cuz I've done this before once or twice in the days of my old blog. I don't remember how many times I did it and I don't wanna go back and check so we'll just acknowledge all of them together as Version 1.0 and this one will be this one.

The other thing to note is that I DOUBT I will remember ALL the first time experiences I've had in the past few weeks in one sitting. So I will come back and occasionally add more, and when I do so, V2.0 will become V2.1 and so on. FYI.

Also, ethics says that I should say this will probably be edited. I'm guessing there are a few first time experiences I've had that I'm not ready to disclose publicly at this point in time. So those will just have to stay in my reserved, private collection until....I don't know what. Sorry. :)

The order is totally random. Chronology is a word I don't value much, like faith.

My soundtrack while writing this is the IMOGEN HEAP album titled "Speak for Yourself."


Listening to Imogen Heap's album titled "Speak for Yourself." I've wanted AN Imogen Heap album for YEARS, ever since that GARDEN STATE soundtrack song really. I've wanted, thought about it today and now I have it and it is all up in my ears, just like that! That's how cool my flippin life is right now! Word.


I ate at the HARD ROCK CAFE in Bangkok for the first time a week or two ago. Crazy huh? Tell me about it. I don't know why I've never eaten there. Guess I can blame it on my oh-so-frugal lifestyle for the past 4 years here. Now that that shit's over, I'm droppin dinner tabs like rappers pop bottles! It was tight. Really enjoyable, didn't really get to look around at ALL the memorabilia, but I'm not expecting that to be my only trip there. They did, after all, have build it yourself FAJITAS which....


Do you have ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN SINCE IVE HAD BUILD-EM-YOURSELF Fajitas! Far Too Fuckin LONG My Friends! Just at the sight of the spread they laid out before me my eyes had orgasms. NOT simultaneously mind you, one eye is always a little slower than the other, Don't ask why. But I damn near buried my face in the steaming skillet and "motorboated" the whole thing. I was advised against it though, can't remember by who or what, possibly by that sizzling sound it was making. But yeah, that shit was SCRUM-DIDDILY-O-CIOUS.


First time I've intentionally started tellin personal stories from my life in a classroom setting. That's just crazy to me. How cool it is AND how that could be true. That I never did this purposefully before. Such a missed opportunity to do more than teach books and vocab. Damn.
(I have pictures and video of this now but they're all on the....

Bought my first video camera. Which is pretty cool I guess. It's at Sunny's house now though, which kinda sucks cuz my kids are probably gonna want me to have it in class tomorrow I just realized. Damn. (My kids were the ones who finally opened it for me since it sat in my house in the bag for a week after I bought it. Shoulda just dropped it off with them the next day. They know more about that shit than I do and are way more interested in the details, such as plugging it in and figuring out what buttons to push! All I wanna do is point and shoot. (a dirty joke just came to mind but....I'll pass on that in some effort of keeping this reasonably clean and pg-13. Sorry if that disappoints 90% you. ;))


Went to Ko Samet for the first time in Ages! Damn it's been WAY for FREAKING Long since me and that island had a heart to heart, also known as a face to faceplant. It was great! Even for just one night, why not, whatevs, I can't complain. It was one night more than I've had in like....3 years? The last time was with Jeff and Ian and J and Onur and Pla and them. After Prang's graduation. Helluva time that was! Maybe even MORE Rockous than this time! Don't tell that to the friends I went with this time though, they like to think they're "Raisin the BAR" at every bar they hit! Pups they are, just PUPS! Lol! I kid of course, I tease but.....maybe there's some truth in there somewhere. We'll see. ;) Great time all around though, no complaints at all. Consider as many pieces as I can remember cherished and filed under A for Awesome Action-packed Alcoholic Adventure.


Played frisbee for first time in a few years. And AS ALWAYS, I gots all kinds of sore muscles the next day. FROM FRISBEE! F'real! I should probably be embarrassed by that but it trips me out too much not to record it. I guess it just shows how LITTLE i use whatever muscles the god of genetics gave me! They are sadly for just show I guess. I haven't exercised at all in over a year and I haven't even had sex in AGES!* Which must be said considering that has been my PRIMARY source of exercise for, what...3 years now! Geeez. This is how neglected my poor body is, I can't even play frisbee for 15 minutes without a dozen muscles on my upper body aching like I put em through a gymnastic wringer! This is sad, gotta get a gym membership. OR a copy of the Kama Sutra and find a willing participant in such an endeavor. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

*in the context of sex the word AGES is a very different proportion of time than it is in the context of....playing with a childhood toy. Just for the record!


DUDES! I jump-roped a giant flaming rope of deathly fire! All right, MAYBE it wasn't Deathly! But all those other words definitely apply. I did it! I did that shit! It was pretty flippin cool I gotta say! Quite the adrenaline rush too. WOOO. Did not expect the rush I got from it during and after. It was right up there with bungee jumpin and shit. I was pretty thrilled. All hail my Yes Man attitude and the mad, drunken, Irish Australian who was crazy enough to say "I'm gonna go do that, by the way, youre comin with me." The words may have been different and much less coherent/eloquent, but his point was clear! As it ALWAYS is. Much to our chagrin. Lol!

OH, and there are pictures! Great pictures, but I do'nt have them so you'll have to wait. Wait with Kerosene baited breath, they're worth it! ;)

OH! And guess what!? I tried to film it from INSIDE the spinning rope of fire death and....I think it worked! LOL! Patience and you SHALL SEE!

HERE THEY BE! This was the night of the fire rope jump dancing biting eating burning fun!

Lookin all cool, gettin ready to jump in with my drunk irishman! And AFTER...
I EAT THE ROPE! I honestly don't remember it hitting me in the face but it ALL HAPPENED REALLY FUCKING FAST! And in case you didn't notice, there was LIVE-ACTION FIRE INVOLVED! But yeah, apparently, according to this picture, I tried to bite through the fiery rope instead of jumping over it. Pretty cool huh? ;)

No worries though, we both got out of there fairly unscathed. And IF AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEED, you best damn well try again! Even IF you got burned the first time! And you're now kinda covered in I was! Lol! And that's what we did! And it WAS FUCKIN-FAN-TASTIC! I recommend it for anyone who aint scared of a little heat all up in their kitchen!
SO THEN, I was SO PUMPED that as soon as they set up the LIMBO Bar and lit it up, I grabbed the nearest girl AND....
Yep, I know! Pretty damn cool eh? Yeah, what can I say! When you got it, you got it! And when you can pass an awesome picture off as having ANYTHING to do with you, DO IT! ;)

All right, so maybe it wasn't me! But it coulda been! I could do that, no problem, no sweat......all right! MAYBE a little sweat, and a couple massive cramps that woulda brought me down and had me rolling around in the sand in writhing pain BUT....I woulda made it under bar without touching it! That counts. :-P


I recently pulled out my very first poetry notebook for the first time in YEARS and I Opened it! "Ooooooooooooh" yeah, it was like pulling out an original Old Testament. Shit was a little crazy. Circa 1995 btw. And I did it with my students! Cool experience!

Shit is falling apart and turning yellow! Hence why I have to keep it in a plastic sleeve. No joke. It was awesome opening it though, I forgot SO MUCH about myself in there, the things I did AT THAT AGE! Whoa. CRAZINESS! You wouldn't believe it if I told you here, you have to see it with your own eyes. I know this because I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes either. In fact, I STOPPED Believing in myself. But honestly, I don't think I've ever had a student at that age who was "creating"/writing as much as I was....and I really had no idea what I was doing was anything that special back then. I didn't. Which is kinda sad but...that's the world we live in! Word to our mothers....and fathers who aren't able to notice or tell us how special we are. Damn.


I celebrated Indian New Year for the first time ever! It was awesome. I didn't even KNOW ABOUT IT! Damn. How did I miss out on that in all that time I've been involved in Indian communities and shit? The holiday is called DIWALI and it ROCKS and it rocks so much and I had such a fantastic experience that I wanna write an individual blog about it with pictures and everything. So you'll have to wait for that....even though I don't know when I'm gonna get to it! MY LORD I HAVE A LOT TO WRITE!

Here's a sneak PEEK ;-P

Enticed? I hope so!

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