November 9, 2010


I keep looking at the oranges
sitting on my counter
The ones bought with the apples that are long gone
The ones bought with such good intentions
They are bigger than my fists. They are soft balls
full of juice and brightness
But I cannot bring myself
to their appetizing destruction
Not because I think they will be destroyed
But because of the ample time it would take me
to slide my fingers under their skin
and peel back and pull off
That time seems more precious to me
in my endeavor to crawl under
the world's thick, raw hide
(as I expose the meat underneath)
than it does for their purposeful consumption


Anonymous said...

I take it you went for the apple instead?

KJ Ink said...

Well, yeah the apples got polished off (so to speak) without a problem. It's pretty awesome how you can take a few bites out of them, put em down, and they can still stand up just fine on their own. But the oranges...not so...flexible in how they are consumed. Takes a lot more...deliberation.

(thanks for reading)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that one, KJ. I like how you introduced the context of "the world" at the end. Well played!


KJ Ink said...

Ah, thanks much Star, good to hear, good to know! Ever think about sharing more yours??? :]

samantha said...

Wonderful ! Feels a little warm and deliciously creepy all at the same time

KJ Ink said...


The Parke Family said...

interesting - don't know why, but feels kinda like it could be sexual to me too.

KJ Ink said...

Unexpected. But good to know all the same! :)