November 24, 2010

Will You Believe Me Then?


In Bangkok
at six o' clock every evening
they play the King's Song everywhere
and wherever it is heard
wherever it is possible
commuters stop walking
joggers in the park stop jogging
and everyone stands still for minutes
as if hypnotized by the sound.
I want to take you there,
not to show you but to kiss you
at that moment,
so you can see with your own eyes
how your kiss can stop the world.



The Parke Family said...

Whoa - kinda took my breath away and made me think of days long ago. When Love was still real and not a dirty word in my house for the adults or simply only meant for children

KJ Ink said...

See, I was starting to think this was wasn't as good as I thought, cuz many have read but no one's said NOTHIN....*puts hands up and shrugs*