November 24, 2010



If I could spare you
my disparity
but wear for you
my tattered sincerity,
share revel in our
but not tear you
with my severity...

If I could care
fully for your polarity,
snare you ever so
dare to wonder at your
but not impair you

If I could flare up
for your eyes imparity
prepare you a smile
with cuckoo clock
scare the fear out of you
and into scarcity,
without despair or qualms
over brevity,

I would be more perfect
than either one of us
could bear to be.


veera said...

Thats pretty awesome dude. Brilliant stuff.

KJ Ink said...

whoa, thanks man! (Sachdev I assume?)

The Parke Family said...

It needs you slow down to really take a moment with each line and if you do, the reward is well worth it

KJ Ink said...

Wow, you're absolutely right. I do read it real slow when I read it. Thanks hun. Side note, I do'nt think it's done. Definitely doesn't feel done so...I guess i'll do more with it sometime.