November 3, 2010

The Feeling

You are dancing around an idea, like a whirlpool dances around a point of center, and you're attempting to use language or art to bring you closer to that point. But as you circle around it (trying hard not to take your eyes off the middle, trying hard to not let so many things distract your being as you rock from side to side), you must realize that you have MORE than language or art at your disposal, that there is one more utility at hand, under foot, beneath wing or within sail: The Feeling. The Feeling is that which will help guide you through the HUGE ocean of language which is full of so much flotsam and jetsam that nobody needs right now. The Feeling is that which will help you see the difference between all the all the words and the KEYWORDS. It turns out the word "keyword" is not a joke, not a coincidence. There are key words in our relationship with the universe. They really are the keys to a new, much brighter understanding. If you can pick enough of them out of the water like perfect shells and bear witness to their CONNECTION, doors will open, seas will part and pearls of excellence will shine into and out of you.

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