November 6, 2010

Goddess of the Sand


There was a goddess in the sand
There was an honest open hand
There was the feeling that this being
of pure light could understand
There were stars
shooting through my sight
and kisses stolen in the night...

but I fear is it over
Now I fear it is over

There was an angel in the day
There was a pain she took away
There was a puddle of thick mud
which she touched and became clay
There was a fire in the heart
that molded nothing into art...

but I fear it is over
Oh how I fear it is over

There was a moon upon the rise
There was a gloom washed from the eyes
There was amazement in the pace
with which new Love perfumed the skies
There was the sating taste of-of
the most impassioned form of Love...

though I fear it is over
How I fear it is over

There was a castle made of sand
There was a wish made on dry land
There was a hope that human nature
was a force we would withstand
There was a capricious fleeting shore
that gave and gave and gave no more

for I feel it is over
Oh now I know it is over


Theron Kennedy said...

Beautiful. I've lived it. Felt like I was reliving it through your words and I hope hope hope to live it again.

KJ Ink said...

Word. Thank you dude.