November 13, 2010

Deciding to Be a Poet: PREFACE

Lately I've been reading some quality poetry. From peers and pros alike. And as I've been doing this I've been getting this feeling in my chest, and the feeling said, "Where is yours?"

You see, reading these people's poetry, GOOD poetry, made me miss reading and writing my own poetry that I feel is...comparable. Or at least better than average.

You see, for those of you fairly new to my world and have been SHARING (through my blog or however) this creatively awesome experience I've been having (which has been like an endless volcanic eruption), I should probably tell you now that I've been holding back on you. For real. I haven't been sharing my best work with you at all. Particularly in terms of poetry!

I just haven't been representing MY ART the best that I can and that seemed like a personal offense when I felt it. All I've been sharing really is really old stuff or whatever has slid off the top of my dome into the ether of your eyes.

What can I say, I guess I don't want to give too much of myself away! Hope you don't blame me.

In case you didn't know though, there is a difference between poems that take minutes, followed by a click and a "publish," and poems that take hours just to be refined, before you finally TRY to get them PUBLISHED. Here is one of my poems from the latter category for a change.

It is the first poem I ever wrote ABOUT poetry, so...considering why I'm sharing one with you, I thought it was appropriate. If you are a poet, I do hope it speaks to you in some way. If you aren't a poet, well then....I hope it does for you whatever it does WELL. :)

I don't know if I've EVER put this poem on the internet before so...I hope you guys enjoy it.

Thanks for reading,


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