November 26, 2010

To Behold Her, to be Held


"when I first saw her
I turned my head too quickly
it's been spinning ever since"

There is the semblance of dusk
freckled all over her face,
as if to behold her is to be held
by the unsettling serenity of a setting desert.

A beam of daybreak gleams
in her nightly eyes,

as though Dawn and Sunset
intimately embraced, and,
in quiet parting, revealed Her:
a beauty uncompromised

by the passing of time
or the negligence of weak men;
a loveliness untouched
by the black snowflakes
life lends to all the hearts
and all the parts
of the human experience.

She is a moment of truth in the day
and a breath of passion in the dark.

Unattainable to most, maybe even herself,
she often leads alone.

Cupping her proud head in my hands
I touched her,
like one might touch a deep waterfall:

Neither of us sure
who would be carried
away the most.

So we drifted..........apart

.....ever since then,

and ever since......then,

it's just been........water


from the sky...... rain.


Anonymous said...

i like the first quote best but wheres it from?-deja

KJ Ink said...

Just the FIRST part!? Really? *sniff sniff*
Nah, just kidding, that's cool cuz...I know this might be bad, I really don't know, I've never talked to anybody about it but...occasionally I write my own epigrams. I don't mean just happens! So I got with it. So yeah, the first part is mine too, and you liked it, WOOHOO! ;)