November 9, 2010

Either my First or my most recent parable. I'm not sure.

(this is what I envisioned! This is the potential!)

They see him everyday. He conveniently walks into their convenience store. He is always happy. But it is more than happy. He is emitting joy, almost as though joy were a pollen and he were a giant flower.

After he leaves, the joy lingers in the store, the pollen drifts about, bouncing off of and alighting on whatever it will. The people who notice him notice him. Often they notice him and smile. Sometimes they notice him and feel as disparate from whatever he is as 7 is to 11. Nevertheless, he is not forgotten quickly. Every now and then words and smiles are exchanged after the appearance of his departure. He is funny. He is silly. He makes them laugh. If, one day, he never came back, they would miss him, give him a nickname (if they hadn't already) and talk about what he used to do. They might smile and laugh all over again. There is something different about him, but they don’t know what. They have never asked, some have never thought about it. They are only workers. They have a job to do, a job they do well and one that does not seem to allow them to stop and ask such questions of people they don’t “know.” Even if they really want to. Even if they really want to....reach out.

When he leaves, people see him on the street: the same people and different people every time. Some of them notice him, some of them don’t. Of the ones who are always there, more and more see him over time. Sometimes a couple of them watch him walking by, on his way, smiling that smile he smiles, and they feel or just flat out THINK, “He knows something I don’t know.” And they are right. But it doesn't have to be that way.

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