November 29, 2010

The Fire in Our Eyes

Wash away the thoughts and fears

that complicate the moment

and forget you ever knew
just what the word "alone" meant

Then feel the way we feel held tight
within each others' arms

and you'll see that all those fears
were really false alarms

Close your eyes and follow me
into the great divine

A heavenly place our dreams will create
so reality won't confine

There we will reside together
whenever we're apart

with the freedom to study each other
like we are living works of art

Love will become all we know
and all we'll ever feel

Our lives will reach the peak of joy
which will make it seem surreal

Then passion will erupt in us
and engulf us both in flames

Together we will burn forever
loving just the same

(The fire in our eyes
isn't something we see
It's the fire that burns,
burns internally)

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