November 4, 2010

The Tale of the New Toy

The Tale of the New Toy


A Man on the Outside

8-23 - 25-99

So this is where it all begins
A chapter starts to form
Relinquished of all prior sins
there's a chance to be reborn

Old faces will be faced anew
without judgments to uphold
New faces will soon come in view
and form a fitting mold

Life will begin to quickly flourish
making spring seem somewhat subtle
Revealing unseen pieces to nourish
like a raindrop to a puddle

But in time the dust will settle
All will fall into its everyday pace
Our paths will become carved in metal
as our footsteps fall in the same exact place

The Great Change, the New Beginning
will be assimilated by the past
The omnibus wheel will continue spinning
and regular repetition will return at last

I say this as I sit and watch
the rape take place; from new to old
Every single step is another notch
Welcome to the Fold

Because I'm able to see this
I can step outside the race
Become a first hand witness
and see leaders lead and followers chase

This also gives me power
and this power is a tool
A tool I will use to devour
Monotony's tyrannous rule

And though I may appear humble
It's only to conceal my plan
My plan to make redundancy crumble
with this plain apple in my hand

This perfect apple I will leave sitting
on this bench when I depart
And just like that the breakdown, the splitting,
the deconstruction will then start

For someone will eventually come this way
treading the ditch he dug with his feet
and possibly his eyes may stray
and fall on this fruit, that looks so sweet

And seeing a beautiful bit of nature
in this concrete coated creation
may spark a thought in this mindless creature
Breaking the chains of automation

Then the person will break away, from his self-served line
and make his way over, to the symbolic innocence
That simple action, will be the greatest sign
for it will mark the beginning, of a battle fought in silence

Every obstacle has its weakness
Through every crack will grow a weed
Its very simplicity is its genius
Like the power hidden, in a simple seed

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