January 21, 2012

The Storm

The Storm I

"the things that can fall out of you in 20 minutes time..."

The Storm is like a beggar
It is like a crying child
The purest form of nectar
that makes humming birds go wild

The Storm is like an apple
being eaten by your eye
or beams of pure light dappled
by a single burning fly

It is a call unto your arms
and unto your heart of soul
It is a place of charmless charms
where rocks are always on the roll

It is a piece of every scruple
that can rot it from within
like when reason finds a loophole
in which new loops can begin

The Storm is music’s quietude
and of music’s great orgasm
The Storm is when you build a ship
to sail a timeless chasm

There’s no telling where it took you
Even though you’ve always been
It is where words dissolve in sound
to say “Fuck you” to the Pen

The Storm is friends with Loneliness
and neighbors with Depression
but the greatest love it’s ever had
is pregnant with Inception

There’s no birth without its blessing
nor a life it cannot fill
yet the Storm just waits there coolly
for more of us to do its will

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