January 18, 2012

Living and Dying (sonnet)

Living and Dying (VI)

? - 9-15-99

Living and dying one day at a time
Is a never ending path through progress.
Visions of perfection appear, regress
If doubted, and then reappear like rhyme
Nipping at a numb mind, until sublime
Grace falls in place and shows the flawlessness
All through space—evermore and never less.
Neglecting no longer one grain of time
Doubting the truths that have always been true.
Death is indeed a fateful certainty,
Yet it's no finality. Do not think
It is the end, for life is energy.
Nothing can change that: you will continue.
Godlike, it is the eye that does not blink.


KJ Ink said...
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KJ Ink said...

If you liked it, you might like it even more when you notice the first letter of every line.