January 31, 2012

Chutes and Ladders

"The cure for pain is in the pain."
~ Rumi

There is a bigger picture

We often think we got it all figured out

like we're looking at a board game

and can see the next logical natural

inevitable steps and conclusions

but then something happens

and we find out that the picture

is so much bigger than what we thought

At first we respond with fear

and maybe go through all the stages of loss

but if we can make it through all that

without holding onto too much of the darkness therein

we often find that the bigger picture

isn't so bad

It may even be just what we needed

to become the greatest version

of ourselves


Anonymous said...

Miner, I LOVE this!

ARBC said...
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Mandy said...


(Sorry above comment was mine, but I was signed in through my book club, not my personal login)
Mandy :)

KJ Ink said...

Thanks friends :)

sam villareal said...

awesome! love it!!! ;)♥♥♥
good words mr.poetic kj bleeds ink ;)

KJ Ink said...

Pleased you can still find poems of mine you love. =)