January 5, 2012

Crystal Countenance

While I was writing the last post I thought about including one of my old pieces from HS. Just to give you an idea of how angsty and indignant I was back then (especially towards my peers), and how it came out in my writing. This is a pretty good example, one I still remember well. I guess you could say it's dedicated to everyone who's ever wasted my time with "social niceties" and/or subscribed to the idea that we're all supposed to act and think the same way. Which is pretty much the dominant point of view of any high school, right? Still, the extent of it was very disturbing to me and I thought for sure the movie Disturbing Behavior was based on true events. ;-)


Crystal Countenance

11-23 - 25-98
In all the great expectations
I am the unexpected
I don't want to be the norm
and I don't care if I'm accepted
Just see me for who I am
and make your decision
Would you rather see me as a person
or like an apparition
Not that I need to remind you
to place your judgments upon me
You people have been doing it for years
I wouldn't expect it any differently
I'm just getting really tired
of all the B.S.
The acting, empty "Hi"s,
and constant fake-ness
You people know I'm strange
You know I'm not like you
We live in different lights
We see in different hues
Get over it already
It's not a big deal
The ability to be unique
isn't strictly surreal
It is still possible
for a person to be original
tread a new path
or do somethin' else irrational
Just stop pretending
and acting like you care
You know you don't like knowing me
So forget that I'm there
Stop wasting my time
and for once in your life be true
You might as well look past me
'Cuz I already see through you

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