November 5, 2011

How to Bleed


Write til your fingers hurt, instead of everything else.

when you have a voice…you have power
when you have personality…you have pull
when you have a pen and an hour
you can create your own tools
your own weapons
your own answers
your own beliefs
and rules
with one night and notepad
you can take yourself to school
get to know all about
how you think and why you do
you can ask yourself some questions
and see if you tell the truth
you can cry thru the ink
and even bleed a little too
…save yourself some scars
and maybe heal some old wounds
it’s a step, it’s a process,
like the cycles of the moon
but every day is a month
and every night a monsoon
you can try to fight the waters
or splash all way to doom
but the best thing you could learn
is how to float…
Like A Balloon


As the waters come in
you gotta let the water out
whether it’s black or pristine
as a sky without a cloud
it’s gotta flow, you gotta know
that standin water’s not allowed
we’re not meant to be containers
bottled up without a mouth
it’s a scary sight to see
alla those that go that route
when knife attacks and shooting sprees
are how they finally choose to spout
about the amount of pain inside
that sounds like screams when said aloud
the darkness seeps into our dreams
and hides the light behind a shroud
crawlin on our hands and knees
in search of reasons to be proud
we think a peak is what we need
to reach to speak without a doubt
we lost our voice when we believed
we were alone inside this crowd
and now we huddle up like leaves
when leaves are nothing like ourselves



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KJ Ink said...

Sweet! Thanks bud!

sam villareal said...

but the best thing you could learn how to float like a balloon. i love that part! :-) in every line good path beautifully....:-)

KJ Ink said...

yay, I can comment on my own blog again! ;) Thanks for diggin it, dear.