November 15, 2011

Black Lightning / Slient Thunder

Alright, I got some cool stuff in the works for you guys, but in the mean time....

Last night I got to talkin with the Prangie. I was sharin some of my recent pieces with her--just to share, just to practice--and she asked me how long I've been into poetry and....I started talking, like I don't often talk. Told her the story of how I got into poetry, how it was like finding something in the world that I found was also inside of me. The other half of my broken rock. And then once I got into it, it was like finding my very own socket to plug into the abstract and ethereal. Some PRETTY interesting stuff came out of me (eek), as I showed her, as I pulled out my first poetry notebook and let her take a look. We've been friends for years, she doesn't know any of this stuff about me :). So I got it out and I showed her, let her flip thru it in all its decrepitude, read my very first poems! "Ooooh, ahhhhhhh." More like "Hahaha, Huhhh?" It was good to tell the story again though, it's been happening more lately but I figure I'm making up for lost time. Up until this past year, I hadn't told it in years and years. It's a cool story. Not to mention one of the most important ones of my life.

Towards the back of the book was a poem that I believed At The Time was one of my best. I was pretty proud of it, ill placed as that pride might have been. It's dated
1-21-22-97 so that puts me at 15. So KEEP THAT IN MIND, it was a written by a 15 year old! Don't expect much, lol. But while we were looking at it, it crossed my mind that it might be a cool one to share with you guys. Just for the history. Just to show you a glimpse of where I was. Just to....share. Cuz I'm bad at that sometimes, at least when it comes to things that.....matter. So yeah, why not. Here it is.


Black Lightning and Silent Thunder

Lightning crashes, and a blind man thrashes
from the darkness that holds him tight
The Thunder rolls, and the blind man holds
on to a hope that he will die tonight
Lightning crashes, and the blind man's ashes
are spread in his memory
The Thunder rolls, and the blind man's soul,
from the darkness is finally set free
Lightning crashes, and thirty lashes
are laid upon a slave man's back
The Thunder rolls, and his freedom was stole
just because his skin was black
Lightning crashes, and a deaf man smashes
a record he once listened to
The Thunder rolls, and the deaf man lolls
and wishes for some sound to break through
Lightning crashes, and some time passes
and the deaf man's wish comes true
The Thunder rolls and the deaf man still lolls,
but the broken record of silence he listens to
Lightning crashes, and a pursued thief dashes
across a busy street
The Thunder rolls, and a silent bell tolls
and with Death the thief does meet
Lightning crashes, and the ocean tide splashes
against a young child who is curious
The Thunder rolls, and the ocean tide pulls
the young child into the mysterious
Lightning crashes, and the young child vanishes,
and the mother dives in for her one and only
The Thunder rolls, and the tide still pulls,
at least now they won't be lonely
Two Lightning bolts crash, and two opinions clash,
and two countries young blood stains the floor
The Thunder rolls, the Thunder of souls
that died for an unwanted war
Lightning crashes, and its bright light flashes,
and cracks the darkness that is Night
The Thunder rolls, and in its path it beholds
answers neither wrong nor right


samhebden said...

good images KJ. I love the deaf man smashing his old record.

KJ Ink said...

Thanks Sam!

Mandy said...

I'd like to hear that story sometime... :)

Theron Kennedy said...

made me hear lightning crashes by live in my mind.

KJ Ink said...

Shit dude....that MUSTVE Been on my mind when I was writing this. It was right around that time and that song was huge for me. Thanks for makin me remember. Good call!

RushFromAbove Photography said...

I second Theorn Kennedy! It reminded me of that track and in some weird way when reading "Lighting bolts" and "Thunder rolls" I had the San Diego Charger's logo on the brain. Thanks for sharing something from the KJ VAULT! \m/