March 24, 2011

KJ Slam Tour / Itinerary

All right kids, here’s the dealio as best as I can figure it so far. I’ve tried to format it a little bit so it’s easy to skim/read.

I’m in AZ now (3/23 3:59pm) and will be til the 25th, leaving that morning for Santa Cruz.

I’ll be arriving in Santa Cruz, Friday at 8am and leaving there the 28/29th for Portland.

While I’m in Santa Cruz I’ll be doing my first poetry SLAM of the tour it looks like. The timing just happens to work out. So that Saturday, the 26th, I’ll be Competing for the first time in many years. Exciting. Sure hope I don’t suck.

29thish. Get to Portland, bounce between a couple of warm inviting couches (I hope :), catch up with people, take care of a little business with my storage unit there, and try not to overstay my welcome before the 2nd.

While I’m in Portland I would love to perform for you guys, but the only SLAM I can find is on the third and I need to be gone by then. I’ll look for an open mic between those days and try to do somethin there for ya.

Bounce on a train and be in Seattle by the 3rd. Hook up with Josh and do what we do. On the fifth there happens to be a SLAM. I’ll enter in that and compete again. I think I may just bring my best and try to win em since I may never even make it back in those places. Try some of my favorite pieces, new and old, on different groups of people and see how they vibe. It’ll be interesting.

I’m pretty sure at one or two of these places I’m going to perform a new poem that I’ve never performed or shared with any of you guys before. It’s probably my most…energetic piece ever so I’m saving it for special occasions. But I’m gonna try it out here and see how it goes. I REALLY do not know how people are going to react to it. But I’m definitely ready to find out. It’s called, The Matter. Or at least it is right now.

Anyway, I’ll hang in Seattle for a few days and reconnect with Josh. We haven’t set a date of departure yet, but it will be no later than the 8th.

8th or earlier. I’ll fly back to Phoenix. On Saturday the 9th I AM SLAMMING in Phoenix! Mesa to be exact. Of the slams I’ve looked up in 4 different states, this feels like it might be the biggest. It seems real serious and organized but who can really tell by a website alone. But the people who are runnin it have been doin this a long time and it is the only one that MADE the poets register in advance, so…?

Point is PHOENICIANS, The NINTH is The night! It might be your only chance to see me perform and do this thing that I think I’m going to be a doing a lot and for along time. This is a new beginning for me and it’s goin real well for me so far in Bangkok, so…it’s only going to get bigger and better. And since it may be another two years til I’m here, if you wanna have any idea what I’m going on and on about on facebook or my blog, this is your chance. I’ll send out an email after this with the details on it. There’s even a little cover charge.

8thish to the 20th I’m in Phoenix. The slam is the only thing SCHEDULED. But a dinner night/bowling night/party night is definitely in the blueprints. Possibly all on the same night ;). Not to mention some gift giving. Can’t forget that, I don’t wanna carry it all back!

Also, if cash permits, I might rent a car that week so I can jam out here and there as I please and not leave my parents without a car. So that’s when I’ll be holla’in at you. people in Tempe and BFE. I don’t know about goin up to Prescott to see you Laraine, let me know what you think and where you’re at.

21st I go to Austin. I’m there til the 27th it looks like. Should be a helluva time. Goin campin in Yosemite Baby! Or Bubu, whichever works I guess. I'll bring the picnic basket.

I haven’t gotten so far ahead as to look up SLAMMIN in Austin. I gotta find out what nights we’ll be in town, it’s only gonna be a couple I think so odds are against me. Either way, I’ll look for an open mic and maybe make somethin happen. Show my buddy Joe what I got in my lyrical bag of tricks.

April 27th I’m back in Phoenix. Right now I am scheduled to fly out on the 4th of May, back to Bangkok. I am kinda thinkin about movin it to the 2nd IF I can, just to give myself a little bit more downtime there before I go back to work. Regardless, I got a good several days back in the valley that you people better soak up. The last thing I wanna be is bored in Phoenix. Invite me over PLEASE!

So that’s it! That’s the plan. The first leg of it has been goin well. Nice and smooth, seein people one at a time, spendin some real time catchin up, none of that wham-bam thank ya ma’am shit. I like it. It’s a nice change. Bein at home is weird and slightly oppressive, I really do like havin my own space, bein able to make noise (a slam poet needs to practice ya know!) and go in and out without a buncha questions! But whatevs. It’s good for my folks and good for me spendin some real time with them too.

My number again 480-437-0438. Do use it, it helps, when I get real busy seein people, it’s hard to keep track and…the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I don’t wanna forget anyone, but if you never make a peep, don’t be mad if we miss each other at the last minute. Holla at me. I miss you and I’ve really been enjoyin seein the people I already have. There’s plenty of time left, so no excuses.


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