December 14, 2010

One Last Kiss

I come to you here
to tell you my dear
that I'm off to fight in a war.
It's quite far away
and I'm sorry to say
I'm not sure what the fight is for.
But my country's in need
for more soldiers to bleed
and I am a patriot,
so I'll do my part
and fight with my heart
and hope I come out of it.
But if I don't,
and I won't say I won't,
but there's always some slim chance,
I want you to know
how I think of you so
and enjoyed all our times of romance.
Now don't you cry,
I might not die,
maybe I'll come out with a medal.
The war will be through
I'll come back to you
and we'll find some place to settle.
I leave tomorrow
but have no sorrow
for we'll put up a damn good fight,
but before I leave
on this mid-summer's eve.
I'll ask for one last kiss tonight.
One last kiss before you cry.
One last kiss to remember you by.
One last kiss before I go to die.
One last kiss, then I'll say goodbye.


The Parke Family said...

I think I remember this one...

KJ Ink said...

yeah, SO old! wait til you see more, you'll probably have your own TRIP down memory lane.