December 7, 2010

My Word II: Carved in Jello

I will never have time to do everything I want or “need” to do in one day. I know this. So instead I do “the best” I can. Which is always good enough. No matter what gets thrown my way in the course of the day. I take the lemons, the grapes and grapefruit, the oranges and I make some punchy fruit punch! But no matter what I’m given I put things in ORDER of (seeming) IMPORTANCE. I have to. I have to prioritize and keep those priorities straight. But by straight I do not mean INFLEXIBLE, cuz THAT is NOT the WAY to LIVING life. I just mean I keep them in order, but that order DOES Change, instead of being carved in stone, it’s more like it is carved in Jello. Fruity Punchy Punch Jell-o. And here’s the thing YOU need to CAN have great influence over this order. All you have to do is speak. Because odds are you are on this daily list, but YOU HAVE SOME SAY over where you are on it in the course of that day. You just have to communicate. I am far too busy to check on everyone in my life everyday and make sure they are doing okay, before I get on with what I “need” to do! The squeaky wheels gets the grease, my friends, so if you're wonderin why you haven't heard from me but you haven't said nothin, now you know! Squeak Up! And please do not barely tap on my shoulder when you got somethin big or heavy weighin on you and THEN Resent me (or Life) for not comin thru and bein there! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Make yourself clear when you NEED a friend, just do it, for good news or bad news. The odds of me saying no to a heartfelt expression are incredibly slim. I know it’s not always easy to do that, to say when you could use an ear or a shoulder, even when all it entails is a phone call, BUT that doesn’t mean it isn’t the best and right thing to do for yourself. The easiest way is rarely the best way. Just speak up and make sure I HEAR you, and I’ll be there. If there’s really nothin big goin on and you just wanted to talk or hang or whatever, then say that and be understanding if I have to pass cuz of my other pressing priorities than can Weigh Me Down if I don’t handle them! Just be clear with me, I’ll always listen and I can sometimes read between the lines but....I would not want to have to rely on that in this day and age of my beautiful busy life. I do not have much time for guessing games. Hence, why I am single.

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Anonymous said...

My dear. I love you. I know you will always be there if I need you and I simply ask. And that is exactly what having a true friend is. I respect the fact you are so busy and live a demanding life on the other side of the world but in the same breathe call me if I tell you it's important. Don't forget that you're an amazing friend. Couldn't have made it these last 20+ years without you!!!!!!!!