October 14, 2012

Bed of Nails


The expectations of a parent
                 are like nails
   held to their children's back
Held just close enough to make it
      what will happen if they

Because of this
                        the kids walk fine lines
                              like tight ropes
        while bearing unnecessary pressure
        and they do this all in hopes
                                  living up to their parents'

They're forced into invisible molds
    (an act the parent will never admit)
       and every time the children
             do exactly what they're told
       the molds become
                           a better fit

Permanently filling shoes
                 they should only
    be trying on
  As they are served
a full plate of values
  and they don't get to leave the table 
 'til every last pea is gone

Parents allow fear
   to become the source of their love
 Never meaning it to do any harm
But there's a line between guidance
      and a helpful shove
  and when it's crossed
     there is cause for alarm

But as children are
   tucked in for the night
 their parent's
       smiles hang high overhead
  Though the kids are told
      everything will be all right
    they still feel the prick of
                nails in their bed     


sam villareal said...

hmmm soundz good! :-))

KJ Ink said...

*like* ;)

sam villareal said...

super like...:-)) touching parents always want the best thing gor their childrens...isn't? :-)

Von said...

That is really good! Thanks

KJ Ink said...

thank you, Von!