March 16, 2012

The Blessed World of Breasts

A poem written for a charity event, raising funds for breast cancer. The story behind it is HERE. As I said at the event, please don't let the silliness of my poem detract from the seriousness of the issue.

It's meant to be read with quite a bit of sincerity (to make it all the more cheesy), and a beautiful (busty) woman at hand. For me to make suggestive hand motions towards of course, and maybe rest my head upon. ;-)


The Blessed World of Breasts

Oh how we do so love our breasts
those objects of pleasure to which we’re obsessed
or the softest of places on which we rest
our heads when they are full of stress
and relieve us from all of this unrest
like we’ve been placed inside a nest
and there’s no reason in the world to be depressed bad could the world be….
if we have breasts

I still remember the success of my first quest
to find my own sucken treasure chest
and the joy it brought I could not suppress
since the coming of which quickly expressed
But it is not the joy of tatas I’ve come to undress, I mean Address!
Address...It is not the joy of tatas I've come to address

It is on these mounds of love I’d love to attest
and I hope to speak on their behest
while holding on their interests

Although it may seem I speak in jest
I actually stand in earnestness
and hope with my words to impress
the dangers of some cancerous pests
that threaten to deflate those lovely life vests
with a mess of pain and much distress
towards which we should all share detest
and unite in the name of....breast cancer awareness

So don’t be afraid to suggest or request
to your family, bosom buddy or a love-interest
to take the proper steps to stay abreast
of whatever’s going on inside their chest
because ladies it doesn’t matter if you’re blessed
with a little more...or a little less
what matters is if your breasts can pass the test
of a breast exam and a good doctor’s caress
because it's healthy breasts....that are the best

And at last we should give thanks to every guest
who came here tonight from east and west
and have done far more than you could guess
even found the time & money to invest
in putting....BREAST CANCER to rest

an independent media team shot a little news report on the event, they included part of my performance (1:19), pretty cool stuff all around though.


April Ricchuito said...

<3 #savetheboobies

Anonymous said...

SPECTACULAR words! I've come to know many women who have had breast cancer. I think this is great, my friend. Much love! L2theS.

KJ Ink said...

:D and <3

Timmy said...